Key Information



In this school “education” means we have the chance to enjoy learning by…..

  •  discovering things we do not know
  •  solving problems
  •  being creative in writing, art, music
  • developing our self-confidence as learners
  • growing up physically, socially and emotionally.

In this school we will work to a high standard in lots of different subjects always trying our up most to be the best we can.

All the adults will work hard to make learning exciting and interesting so that we can do well and achieve.  

We will concentrate and join in at every opportunity knowing that if we get it wrong there will always be someone there to help us try again and succeed.

We know that Literacy and Numeracy are very important and if we do well in those subjects they help us with lots of other things for our future successful learning.

No one in this school ever gives up trying and we know we can always do better with the help of everyone in our team.

The grown ups know what we do well and encourage us all the time to keep improving. 

They know everyone of us so well that they know when we need extra help or when we need things explaining in a different way. They help us with specially planned work so we can make good progress in class.

We know that to learn well we have to behave well and there are rules that we need to follow to get this right but if it goes wrong we will be helped to put it right.

School works with our parents as well so that they can help us be outstanding pupils who give of their best and receive the best that this school can offer.