Approach to Reading

Reading Scheme

The Academy uses multiple reading schemes running side by side. These are largely phonic based but others are based on whole word reading. This meets the needs of different children.

Foundation Stage and Key Stage One

When teaching the early stages of reading, we teach synthetic phonics as the prime approach using Letters and Sounds. Children are taught the links between letters and the sounds they make in daily phonics sessions and they are helped to develop the listening skills necessary for this from the start of Nursery. The school uses a wide range of quality books for Guided Reading. The Guided Reading books in Foundation and Key Stage One are linked to the child’s phonic stage.  Children take an individual reading book home to read to their parents and carers.

Key Stage 2

Each child in Key Stage 2 receives at least one Guided Reading session per week. In years 3 and 4, the sessions build on the phonics work developed in Key Stage 2 and as the children progress through the key stage the sessions focus more on comprehension, inference and deduction skills and the structure of the texts. Children are often set follow up tasks to their Guided Reading sessions and they are encouraged to share their book with an adult. Children continue to take an individual reading book home to share with their carers and parents.