The curriculum is based upon the “Cornerstones” curriculum which utilises the four cornerstones of learning.

  1. Engage
  2. Develop
  3. Innovate
  4. Express.

Each of the four stages has its own unique characteristics to support learning and motivate our young people.

1. In the Engage stage the children take part in memorable first hand experiences, investigate and discover, research, pose questions, make observations.

2. During the Developing stage the children dig deeper into the learning, develop skills, make, do, investigate, write for different purposes, pose and answer their own questions, explain and describe their learning and show understanding.

3. In the innovate stage children are required to apply skills, knowledge and understanding, problem solve, re-visit and develop skills, build self-esteem, work in groups and take on new roles and responsibilities.

4. During the express stage the children become expert informers, share achievements with others, parents, classmates, the Community, evaluate, reflect, articulate their own thoughts and ideas and celebrate their achievements.

Above all the aim is to make learning fun and engaging and enthuse our young people so that they take the first steps in lifelong learning. 

For further details, please download the document below: