Year 2- Larch & Yew

Autumn Term – Curriculum Newsletter – Year 2

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back! We hope you have all had a great Summer Holiday and that the children are rested and ready for a new school year.

This term the children in Year 2 will be following a topic entitled…

Towers, Tunnels and Turrets


We kicked off our new topic with a trip toLincolnCastlewhere the children learnt about the history of the castle including, walking around the walls; learning about William the Conqueror; archery and jousting. They had a fantastic WOW day to start our topic off with a bang!


This newsletter will give you some ideas as to what your child(ren) will be learning about this term. 

ENGLISH  - we will start the term looking at non-fiction writing. The children will be given the opportunity to produce their own poster about castles. In our fiction writing, we will be looking at stories involving castles and dragons, particularly the story How to Train Your Dragon.  We will be watching some of the movie of the same title which is a PG DVD. If you have any issues with your child watching it then please speak to your class teacher asap.  We will also be looking at poetry this term, performing poems linked to dragons and castles.

The key skills we concentrate on are, writing in sentences; using capital letters and full stops, joining words and for some children - other punctuation, e.g. ! ? ,  


Reading- Guided reading takes place every week.  Every day special reading activities are planned for groups of children with two groups taking part in a focused Guided Reading session with the class teacher and another with the teaching assistant.  This group session will focus on reading and understanding the text. 


Home reading - Home reading continues to be an important aspect of school and is part of the children’s homework. Regular home reading is one of the most significant factors in helping your child become a successful reader. This does not need to be every day but in line with other schools we look for at least 3 times a week. Please record this in their Reading Record book.


Spellings and Keywords- Keywords are checked in class and always in a different order from the list. Spellings are tested weekly.   It is also part of your child’s homework to practise their key words to read and spell every day with you.                                                                         

MATHS As ever this term we will be having a push on times tables. It is very important for children to know their times tables as it comes into so many aspects of their maths work and rapid recall of the multiplication facts is what we are aiming for. Please support your child with their times tables at home, or even on the way to school! They need to know their 2’s,3s, 5’s and 10’s fluently by the end of year 2.

We continue to build on the children’s previous learning from Year 1. We will investigate fractions and measuring using both standard and non-standard units and continue to develop an understanding of + - ÷ and ×. There will be a real focus on problem solving using all four operations.  As always maths in Year 2 remains a very practical activity but some children will be encouraged to use jottings as a method of solving problems.


SCIENCE This half term the children will be investigating materials and using the correct materials depending on what they are going to be used for. This will include touching materials such as metal, plastic, glass etc.


ART– This half term we will be using charcoal, chalk and pencil to create new effects when drawing. We will start this with some focused observational drawing atLincolnCastle. The children will also be using inks and paints to paint a dragon!


DT –The children will be making their own castles and working out how to make a drawbridge work. They will also be designing and making a trap to trap their very own dragon!


PE – Your child will need to have their PE kit in school all week. Please ensure all jumpers, t-shirts, shorts, plimsolls and bags are clearly named as they often get mixed up during changing.


Homework – will be handed out every Friday with the expectation of it being handed in by the following Wednesday.  We would appreciate your support in encouraging your child to complete their homework to the best of their abilities each week, without you actually doing it for them. The homework brought in for this topic was exceptional and we are really proud of how much effort the children and yourselves went to! Well done!


As always, if you have any concerns regarding your child, want to know about their progress or even just to have a look at their work, we will be available before and after school on the playground to arrange this.


Thank you


The Year 2 Team.