Year 4/5 - Elm, Oak and Ash


Spring Term 1 – Curriculum Newsletter – Year 4/5

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome to the Spring Term! The children have told us all about their Christmas break and we know that they are ready to start the spring term. 

This term the children in Year 4/5 will be following a topic about…







This term we will be focussing our work around the story Tom’s Midnight Garden by Philippa Pearce.  The children will be working predominately on non-fiction writing skills.  These will include letters and information texts.  They will be exploring a variety of information texts with the goal that children will be able to create their own by the end of the unit.  Later in the term we will move on to focus on narratives and storytelling.

In spelling and grammar we will be looking at adverbs, verb tenses, punctuation such as question marks and explanation marks and prepositions amongst others.  These features will be taught independently and integrated into our written each week. We will also be concentrating on handwriting, ensuring all children are writing in a neat, joined cursive script.


This term there will be a focus on multiplication, division, perimeter, area, volume and fractions. In multiplication and division we will be focusing on multiplying and dividing by one and two digit numbers using a formal written method.  We will also be studying perimeter, area and volume calculating them by using squares then progressing to calculating them using multiplication.

In our fraction work we will be adding and subtracting fractions, working out equivalent fractions, looking at fractions of shapes and also converting fractions. We will then be progressing onto working with mixed and improper fractions.

The children will continue to participate in daily arithmetic sessions which will be used to support their learning in Maths lessons. Please remember that all children do have their own Mathletics log-ins, which we encourage they use outside of (as well as in) school.

Whole Class Guided Reading

This term we will be studying non-fiction texts in greater depth. The children will be answering VIPERS (Vocabulary, Infer, Predict, Explain, Retrieve and Summarise) questions to further their understanding of these texts. In addition children will be exploring the different varieties of non- fiction texts and what purpose they serve to different audiences.

Each week children will be given a set of test- like questions to complete in class to support them in becoming familiar with these types of questions in preparation for our termly assessments. The non- fiction texts will focus mainly around the Victorians and their lives which will support the children in their topic work as well.


Science this term will have a strong focus on materials. By the end of the term the children will be able to compare and group together every day materials based upon their properties, know that some materials will dissolve into a liquid to form a solution and describe how to recover a substance from a solution. In addition, the children will have a full knowledge of solids, liquids and gases and will be able to decide how mixtures might be separated. Building upon this, children will then be able to describe and explain reversible and irreversible changes.


As we have already shared with you the main history focus for our children this term is The Victorians. Their work will include studying Queen Victoria as a monarch and her impact on the country, Victorian childhood, work, toys and school. The children will also study the Victorian timeline and learn about how the era has impacted upon us today.


Our geography this term will link heavily into history. In physical geography, children will compare land use maps of the UK from the past with the present. This will focus on a local area of Scunthorpe and its land usage. 

In Human geography children will look at different types of settlements from the Victorian age and how they have changed compared to modern day Britain.  Children will also focus on the Victorian economic activity and its natural resources.


Our main focus in Art will be exploring the roles and purpose of Victorian art and artists. This will include exploring craftspeople and designers who were working within this time period. Children will work from a variety of sources including observations, photographs and digital images. We will be exploring media such as pencil, chalk, crayon and ink to create different marks, lines, patterns and shapes.


P.E lessons are on Wednesdays for all Year 4 and 5 classes. The children need full P.E kit for every P.E lesson. Please be aware that the children will go outside when the weather permits.

As ever if you have any questions about the curriculum, what your child is learning, or any concerns about your child at school please do not hesitate to contact us.

Miss Hunt, Miss Reid and Mrs Dowding.

Year 4/5 team