Our Strengths at WRPA

Celebrating strengths at WRPA

Every term at Willoughby Road Primary Academy we focus on character strengths that we can develop in ourselves, spot in others and celebrate. Understanding the use of these strengths in ourselves and celebrating them in others helps us develop a positive psychology for life.

We will be learning about them, how to use them, how to spot them in others and how to celebrate them. Each class will do this in their own way through lessons, storytelling, strengths enquiries and displays. We will also be learning more about them and people who have shown them through our key stage assemblies.The strengths are celebrated in a yearly cycle as follows:

Autumn term 1 – Strengths of the Head

  1. Creativity – finding new and unusual ways to do things.
  2. Wisdom – knowing the right things to do or say in different situations.
  3. Open mindedness – accepting people for who they are.
  4. Love of learning – wanting to find out more about our interests.
  5. Curiosity – wanting to know more, being interested in different things.

Autumn term 2 – Strengths of Meaning

  1. Hope – looking forward to the future.
  2. Spirituality – taking time out of our busy lives to pause and reflect.
  3. Gratitude – being thankful for what we have.
  4. Love of beauty – finding beauty all around us.
  5. Humour – sharing fun times together.

Spring term 1 – Strengths of Action

  1. Enthusiasm – wanting to have a go and try new things, being passionate about something.
  2. Persistence – keeping on trying.
  3. Courage – having a go even when we are scared or nervous.
  4. Honesty – always telling the truth.

Spring term 2 – Strengths of the Heart

  1. Friendship – caring, sharing and taking turns.
  2. Kindness – being friendly and helpful to others.
  3. Love – putting other’s needs before our own.

Summer term 1 – Strengths of Community

  1. Fairness – making sure everyone has the same.
  2. Leadership – showing a good example of behaviour to others.
  3. Teamwork – working together to get something done.

Summer term 2 – Strengths of Self-Control

  1. Forgiveness – giving people a second chance.
  2. Self-control – knowing how to control our emotions.
  3. Modesty – taking a step back to let others take the lead.
  4. Patience – being prepared to wait calmly.
  5. Prudence – showing good judgement in different situations.

The strengths work promotes SMSC within school and is used across the curriculum. The children at WRPA become familiar with the language and it becomes part of their day to day experience. Some ways that we do this are:

  • Introduce strengths in the appropriate terms and have key ones as a focus.
  • Use strengths language in feedback to children
  • Celebrate the strengths children show within class (could be a display/certificates/passports)
  • Use storytelling work and strength spotting.
  • Strengths enquires
  • Use language in restorative practice.
  • Assemblies will often have a strengths focus to help deepen the children’s understanding of the language we are using.

These strengths are important to learn both in our school lives and in the wider community. If we can develop these strengths in ourselves and our school we will grow as members of our society as they lend themselves to the key British Values of Democracy, Tolerance, Mutual Respect, and Individual Liberty.

As well as learning to develop these strengths in ourselves we will also be looking for them, and celebrating them, in other people. We can enhance strength spotting skills by looking for them in our friends, family and even in characters in stories or on TV. Seeing strengths in others enables us to find, and develop them within ourselves.