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Early Years’ Curriculum Letter

This Term Our Topic Is…

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We hope you had a great Easter! The Summer term promises to be a busy one, Nursery children will be taking part in the ‘A Place Called Home’ event, we have the Reception trip to the farm to look forward to and we will be taking nursery children and parents to the Pink Pig.  We love to hear what your child has been doing at home so please add them to Tapestry – we love hearing all about the adventures you have at home!

Nursery – We will be practicing our oral blending and phase 2 phonemes. We will be beginning to blend these to read simple words.

Reception - As readers we will continue to learn phase 2 and 3 sounds. Remember, you can logon to Bug Club at home to read a variety of books and play games.

Nursery – We will be making marks in various ways and with purpose.

Reception - As writers we will write simple sentences and we will try to remember our capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

Nursery – We will continue to be busy exploring the environment and learning to use various tools with greater skill.

Reception - As Athletes we will be practising races for sports day, designing our own races and thinking of ways to record who was the fastest and who won.

As scientists we will be looking at Space and comparing it to where we live. We will also be looking at our local area and our community.

As musicians we will be exploring the instruments to make ‘space’ sounds and music. Nursery will be learning and moving to the songs from ‘A Place Called Home’.

As artists we will be exploring different artists, we will be painting the planets and thinking of ways to mix the powder paints to make the correct colours.

As computer scientists we will be programming the bee bots to complete an obstacle course and using the ipads to record the songs we compose.


Book Chatter takes place every Thursday from 9-9:45am.

Reading books need to be in school every day, there will be spot prizes for those children that have their books in school. Nursery’s ‘Share a Book’ box and Story Sacks will continue to be loaned out.

Don’t forget to log on to Bug Club and Mathletics for fun games and activities, can you help to win the class competition?

Keep your eyes peeled for exciting news on upcoming trips and events for nursery and reception.