Foundation - Acorns, Pine and Poplar

Early Years’ Curriculum Letter

This Term Our Topic Is…




Welcome back, we hope you had a lovely break over Christmas and we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy new year. Over the last term the children have shown a real interest in superheroes and so we have taken this as our theme for the next half term. As always we love to hear what your child has been doing at home so please remember you can add observations to your child’s tapestry account.

Nursery – We will be practicing our listening skills, continuing phase 1 games and starting to learn our phase 2 phonemes.

Reception - As readers we will be working in phase 3 phonics and focusing on reading simple sentences as well as developing our understanding of stories through whole class and guided reading. We ask for your continued support with reading at home.

Nursery – We will be making marks in various ways and beginning to talk about it.

Reception - As writers we will be continuing to develop our sentence writing and focus on finger spaces and full stops.

Nursery – We will be busy exploring the environment and learning to use various tools.

Reception - As Athletes we will be learning how to control our bodies with large and small movements. This term Poplar will be having sessions with the PE coach. Please make sure you have your kit in school all week.

As sociologists we will be learning about the roles of real life superheroes and how they help us every day. We will be learning about doctors, nurses, firefighters, dentists etc.

As artists we will be exploring how to make different colours with the powder paints. We will be creating masks and accessories for our superhero play. We will also be using different media and materials to create wintery pictures.

As actors we will be acting out superhero roles – we will be adding narratives to our play and learning to share with each other, listening to our friend’s ideas.

As computer scientists we will be learning to complete simple programs on the computer and interactive white board.

please remember

 Book Chatter mornings for parents and children who do not yet attend school are held every week. During these sessions children and parents will be able to share books, make something and make friends.

Every Thursday from 9-9:45am.