Foundation - Acorns, Pine and Poplar

Foundation Stage Newsletter.

On The Farm.

Welcome back, we trust you all had a lovely break over the Easter holiday and enjoyed time with you family. Our theme in the unit this term is On The Farm. We are going to be learning about the different animals that live on British farms, crops that are grown on farms, the role of a farmer and planting and growing. We will also be having some live caterpillars to watch grow and hatch in to beautiful butterflies!

Our strengths for this term are Teamwork, Leadership and Honesty.


Nursery – in phonics we will be consolidating all the phonemes we learnt last term, practising looking for them in words we see in and around the Foundation unit. We will be using our phonemes to help us begin to ‘blend’ and read simple words.

Reception - in phonics we will begin to work in phase four of letters and sounds, learning about the sound blends at the beginning and ends of words. We will continue to learn to form letters using the cursive formation and will develop our writing skills, particularly focusing on the use of finger spaces, full stops and capital letters.


Nursery – we will be continuing to practice accurate counting to 10 and to think about comparisons such as tall/short for height and heavy/light for weight.

Reception - again we will be using our understanding of addition and subtraction to solve problems and we will begin to record our findings. We will also be learning weight, height and capacity along with measuring time in simple ways.

 Some reminders for you:

  • Parent reading sessions for Nursery and Reception – you are welcome to join us in school to spend some time doing reading activities with your child on Wednesday morning (8.45-9.05) and Thursday afternoon (2.50-3.05).
  • Children in Reception need to be reading at least 3 times a week at home. We do keep a close eye on this and there are rewards for children that do it.
  • Reception PE day is Thursday, your child needs to have a pair of black shorts and a white top for this as we are now getting fully changed for PE. As the weather warms, we may have PE lessons outdoors so please ensure your child also has a pair of sand shoes.
  • Nursery will be taking it in turns to take Jofli Bear home overnight. Please make sure he is returned to school the following day so another child can take their turn.

Nursery will not be learning any new phonemes this term. Therefore Sound Books can now be kept at home, but please continue to practice them with your child to support them in learning to blend to read in school.

Thank you for your continued support, please feel free to talk to us if you have any worries or concerns.

The Foundation Team