Mrs E A Jupp – Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs B Solly – Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs J Westwood – Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Willoughby Road Primary Academy recognises it has a vital role to play in promoting the welfare and safety of children and young people. We have a statutory and moral duty to support all pupils and we want everyone to feel safe and enjoy their time with us. 

The safeguarding of our pupils is given the highest priority – from the appointment of staff, governors, volunteers and contractors and the required checking procedures, to the curriculum itself and the academy’s activities both on and off site. 

Willoughby Road Primary Academy teams up with other services and agencies to share information and work together to protect our pupils from harm and to help them to achieve. The welfare and safety of our pupils is of paramount importance. 

All staff and adults involved in school life have a responsibility to safeguard our pupils. We train all our staff on Safeguarding issues including policies and procedures. We use a system in school called CPOMS which is a confidential recording tool.  The information contained in CPOMS may also be transferred between schools when your child leaves the academy. 

Should you have any safeguarding concerns about your own or any of our children at Willoughby Road Primary Academy, please make contact with either the school or any of the agencies which can be found on the  external contact page of this section. 

For further help or information, please contact us on (01724) 842608. 

Prevent Duty 

At Willoughby Road Primary Academy, we work with the North Lincs LCSB “Guidance for Working with Children and Young People who are Vulnerable to the messages of Terrorism and Extremism”.  All staff are required to read and familiarise themselves with this document.  We recognise that safeguarding children and young people from radicalisation is no different from safeguarding them from other forms of harm and are familiar with the signs and symptoms relating to possible radicalisation. 

Internet access for our pupils is always supervised and is filtered by the Delta to prevent children accessing sites that may allow access to sites promoting radicalisation, terrorism and radicalisation. 

Our safeguarding policies and further information can be found on our Statutory Information Page

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